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Awesome Movie Reviews with Mavis: SPECTRE

Daniel Craig makes me uncomfortable


Saw the new James Bond movie SPECTRE with my husband last night. I enjoyed it even though I’m a chick and don’t give a shit about James Bond. I owed my husband for going to see Crimson Peak with me last week. Anyway, Daniel Craig makes me so uncomfortable when he kisses women. He has a weird mouth and it’s just not hot. Looked like he was gonna chew Monica Bellucci’s face off. And I usually like the romantic parts of flicks, but not with him. The action was pretty sweet, though.
This has been an Awesome Movie Review with Mavis.

Mavis Lipschitz-Gutiérrez

Mavis Lipschitz-Gutiérrez is a parking enforcement officer and part-time pet psychic. She enjoys chain-smoking, scrapbooking, and watching horror movies. Mavis lives with her husband Harold and their cat named Connie (named after Mavis's sister, who is a bitch.) Mavis can be followed on Twitter at @MavisReviews.

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