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Vintage Gold: Killer Queen

Vintage Queen from ’74


My first albums as a kid were Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, KISS and K-Tel but it was this Queen track that really elicits memories. Just moved from Scotland to Virgina in 1974 and Glam was in full bloom: Glitter, Rex, Quattro, Sweet, and Queen.

The kid across the street, Neal, he and I would hang in his basement for hours building Hot Wheels tracks and for some reason Sheer Heart Attack was always being played and when it ended, we just moved the needle back to the beginning over and over and over.
So “Killer Queen” joggles my head back to those early 1974/75 days of toy cars, Neal’s musty basement and realizing that music got its hooks in me. As you can imagine, to start off with these bands as your high water mark, its near impossible for anything current to even make a dent.

Justin Press

A metalhead Virginia kid with a Texas spirit, an NYC restlessness and a Utah mountainside soul. Born of an English mother and a German father, an introverted extrovert, the shadow and the illumination: English prose with German fire. I’ve huddled with the poor and downtrodden in Berlin, bathed in the Dead Sea, dined at Buckingham Palace, and broken bread in Tunisia.

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  • If you want to try something king of fun, follow “Under Pressure” immediately with “Killer Queen”. If you do it right, the snaps at the end of one will sync with the snaps at the beginning of the second.

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