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Vintage Gold: Bowie. Mysterious and Wonderful

I was not a big David Bowie fan, nor was I NOT a big David Bowie fan

10407995_10152752274378723_1104815663521742320_nUnlike many others, I was not a big David Bowie fan, nor was I NOT a big David Bowie fan. I was aware of him in the 1970’s but paid little attention. It wasn’t until the advent of MTV in the early 1980’s that I got to see what an amazing artist and performer he was. “Let’s Dance” and “China Girl” played over and over on our tv and I never got tired of watching him sing and move, all the while listening to the captivating melodies and lyrics. There was something going on beneath the surface with David Bowie, something mysterious and wonderful, and like all the greats, he left it up to us, the audience, to figure out what that was. We were free to fill in the blanks. What a gift… Over the years I became acquainted with “Changes” and “Young Americans”, songs that were replete with the incessant beat of rock ‘n’ roll and the crisp, sharp voice of the man of many faces. The haunting “Space Oddity” reflected Bowie’s soulful, thoughtful side, one that could understand the loneliness of a hero in space. And then there’s “Under Pressure”, performed with another great, Freddie Mercury. This is a song that sounds fresh each time I hear it, and excites me in a way that all iconic songs do. I know what’s coming and I can’t wait to hear it. And when I do, I can’t stop moving… And now, that keen intelligence and brilliant talent have been silenced. Gone too soon, Mr. Bowie. Rest in peace, but not before you find Freddie and team up with him and sing your hearts out, one more heavenly time.

Sara Anne “Saran” Fox is a former feature film development executive who consults privately with screenwriters, novelists, and non-fiction authors.  A “creative midwife”, she advocates passionately for the material and the writer’s vision and voice. Saran is also a “professional expert” in story and screenwriting in the Los Angeles community college system, sitting on advisory boards, guest teaching, lecturing, running workshops and mentoring students.  A native New Englander, she spent seven years in NYC after college and then fled to Southern California where she and her late husband started their family — two sons, now grown. When asked why she stays in Los Angeles, she will happily make you a list, but in the end, the answer always boils down to “The weather. Oh dear God, the weather.”

Sara Anne Fox
Story Editor
(323) 460-2434

Sara Anne Fox

Sara Anne Fox Story Editor
(323) 460-2434
Professional Expert in Program Development & Marketing LA Valley College School of Media Arts ICT & Digital Media, LA Region

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