Fiction Friday 100-Word Challenge: A Cityscape, Maybe?

Here’s the prompt. Lovely, isn’t it? I’m not sure upon which city we gaze here, which may make your task easier. Then again, perhaps this is no Earthly city at all! Wouldn’t that make for an interesting story?

Speaking of story, you can tell yours right here. You have 100 words, in the comments or at your own web place, but if you choose the latter then please link back to us! We can’t wait to read your tale!

(Photo Credit: MarciMarc105 on Pixabay)

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One thought on “Fiction Friday 100-Word Challenge: A Cityscape, Maybe?

  1. Metropolis. Home to four million people, forty million rats and four hundred billion cockroaches. Every living thing has a job to do and most of the time the system works smoothly, like clockwork. But then Summer rolls into the city and introduces three months of hot Hell. Only the cockroaches thrive now. The rats descend into the sewers and the people, at least cops like me, find their way to the back alleys where it’s cooler and the chalk outlines frame the dead bodies.
    It was almost two in the morning, the Lieutenant would want answers. I got to work.

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