Fiction Friday 100-Word Challenge: A Frog, Maybe?

Here’s your prompt this week. It’s a frog. Probably. I mean, it might not be  afrog. It might be a prince or a princess or the harbinger of the end of the world. It’s possible all the sacred texts misread “frog” as “horsemen” or “giants” or “world serpent”. That could happen!

Anyhow, here is the start of your story. Take it anywhere you like but only for 100 words. Then you must come to an end and share it with us either in the comments here or at your own web home with a link back to this post, please! Tell us your tale, warts and all!

(Photo Credit: Nowaja on Pixabay)

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One thought on “Fiction Friday 100-Word Challenge: A Frog, Maybe?

  1. I was exploring a forest path one Spring morning when I thought I heard a voice. I looked around but couldn’t see anybody, so I continued on. The light flowed through the new leaves painting a dappled picture. I felt a glorious sense of well being. Then the voice rang out again, much closer this time and I noticed a large bullfrog sitting in a nearby tree. I walked over. To my shock, the frog spoke.
    “Come closer.”
    I leaned in and his tongue suddenly shot out and hit me between the eyes and I was pulled to my oblivion.

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