Fiction Friday 100-Word Challenge: A Volcano, Maybe

Okay, folks, here’s the prompt. Not going to lie to you, this is definitely a volcano. On Earth. Erupting because of completely natural geological processes. Certainly nothing to do with aliens, the end of the world, a villainous scheme to hold the world’s cities hostage, or an unfortunate coconut accident on a certain island with a certain Little Buddy.


Buuuut…on the off-chance that something is going on here, maybe you should tell us all about it. Use only 100 words, please, either in the comments here or at your own web home with a link back to us! We’d be very interested to hear about any unusual tales occurring around that exploding mountain!

(Photo Credit: enriquelopezgarre on Pixabay)

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One thought on “Fiction Friday 100-Word Challenge: A Volcano, Maybe

  1. Mara seemed angrier this time. She was literally shredding herself apart. Teklah had encountered angry Gods before but this was far beyond that. The giant tiger that ruled the valley had slinked away days ago and the elephants were not far behind, urging their young ones along as best they could trumpeting their panic in a mad rush to escape what was coming.
    Lava didn’t frighten Teklah, she knew she could outrun it. The poison cloud, she had seen before, as a young girl. She knew all too well of its killing power. The caves would be her only hope.

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