Fiction Friday 100-Word Challenge: A Suburban Tree, Maybe

Here’s your prompt! I admit, I already had an idea for a story in mind when I picked this picture, but it’s not all my fault! My fellow writer Ross Tuohy put the idea there in a Facebook thread yesterday. Blame him! Still, I bet you can dig up a pretty good story from the prompt. I have faith in you!

Remember, you have 100 words, which you can write in the comments here or at your own web site with a link back to this post! Give the prompt a long look, then tell us your very best story!

(Photo Credit: t1cox on Pixabay)

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2 thoughts on “Fiction Friday 100-Word Challenge: A Suburban Tree, Maybe

  1. He was falling, falling, like it was going to last forever. Then he felt the ground rushing to meet his body. The wind left his lungs as he hit the lawn.

    All he could see was the tree’s arms stretching out above him. And bits of sky between them. The clover surrounding him gave off a light, mown-grass odor.

    Should he try to move? Should he lie still?

    Before he could answer, his little sister came into view. She didn’t say anything, just blinked at him.

    Then she said, “Hurry up. You’re going to miss your Little League practice!”

  2. Here’s the biggest problem with the Snivvens tree. It’s on the wrong side of the damn Snivvens fence. When I was a kid, it was the best tree in the county for climbing, building tree houses, swinging from and playing hide and seek around. It drew teenagers with nothing on their minds other than how many hickeys they could give each other in the moonlight.
    Some towns have community halls. We had the tree.
    Unfortunately, Old Man Snivvens has never been a people person. He successfully petitioned the town to move his fence line ten years ago. Rotten old bastard!

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