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Patsy and Eddie are on the Lam and Still Absolutely Fabulous (Official Trailer)

They’re still boozing, schmoozing.

The first official trailer for the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie has just been released and sweetie, it’s fantastic! Little has changed since we last saw Patsy and Eddie back in 2012 at the London Summer games.


They’re still boozing, schmoozing, celebrity obsessed social climbers with a new target in their sights, Kate Moss. Patsy’s gotten word (from Magda perhaps, please let it be Magda) that Moss is looking for new representation, Eddie clumsily springs into action, and ends up botching the whole operation. Eddie, while attempting to prevent her longtime PR nemesis Claudia Bing from getting to Moss first, ends up crashing into Kate and sending the supermodel to the bottom of the Thames. Oops, sorry sweetie.


Bubble send the chopper round!

The drunken duo decide not to stick around to face the music, and instead hightail it to the south of France where, “everyone’s a criminal!” Will Eddie and Patsy end up in the clink or will they yet again manage to escape the long arm of the law unscathed?


You’ll have to wait until July to find out darlings, August if you’re in Australia, sorry sweeties.



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Tracy L. Connors

Tracy enjoys short walks on long beaches, believes that sometimes the movie really is better than the book, and prefers the company of smart-asses to that of dumb-asses.

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