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Adam Savage and Simone Giertz are the Hero Inventors We Need

Now we can eat popcorn the way God intended, LIKE A VIKING!

We throw the word “hero” around too often these days, but in the case of Adam Savage and Simone Giertz, the word is appropriate. After you watch this video, you’ll be ready to shred various important documents into confetti so we can throw them a lavish parade.
You know Adam, of course, from his time on Mythbusters. Simone is an inventor from Sweden who normally builds robots. They came together to solve a problem we didn’t know we had (but we did. Oh, how we did): how can you eat popcorn in a movie theater if your hands are full?

Their solution is of such surpassing elegance I can’t even fully describe it. Behold.

It is a hat that helps you eat popcorn.

We wasted so much time we could have spent also eating Milk Duds or Raisinets and drinking soda because our hands were busy with popcorn when they didn’t have to be. I weep when I think of the snack-eating potential we lost because we did not know how deprived we were.

But now we can eat popcorn the way God intended, LIKE A VIKING! God bless you Adam and Simone. God bless you!

Excuse me. I need a moment to compose myself. And see about ordering some popcorn on Amazon.

Phantom Sway

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