Phantom Sway

Fast food cravings hit these people hard…and then it got weird

You won’t believe how weird some people will get when they need a fast food fix


Studies show that eating fast food leads to criminal behavior…and getting weird.

Ironic Pizza

Here+you+go+_df56c6c682513c4dc47668eaa9524881In Pennsylvania, a pizza enthusiast resorted to violence after being told that he would have to pick his pizza up at the delivery driver’s car because Domino’s does not deliver to the door in his neighborhood… because of the high rate of violent crime.

Police: Pizza Delivery Man Punched By Customer

Police say the attack went down after the delivery guy got called to the Sherman Hills Apartment complex Thursday night to deliver a pizza. Domino’s company policy does not allow drivers into the complex because of violent crime that’s happened there in the past. So the Domino’s worker asked the customer, Darshawn Scott, 20, to go outside and pick it up from the worker’s car. Scott refused so the delivery guy left and that’s when things got violent.

Grand Theft Nacho

Sometimes you really want nachos and nothing will stand in your way. Not even your low carb diet or your lactose intolerance or the virtual certainty of going to prison.


Accused Robber Holds Up Store Clerk for Nacho Platter in Las Vegas

Surveillance video shows Anthony Gioiosa as he follows a clerk into the convenience store. He then pulls a gun out and points it at Jaime Valdez.

 Valdez says all he took was a tray of nachos.

“I talked to the customer,” Valdez says, “and I said, ‘You need to pay.’ He said, ‘No, I’m not going to pay.'”

I’m no lawyer but that sounds a lot like stealing.

Take Me to Timmie’s and Nobody Gets Hurt, Eh?


In what is possibly the most Canadian act of terrorism ever, a Toronto man hijacked a bus and demanded to be taken to Tim Horton’s for donuts.

TTC hijacker demands Tim Hortons: Cops

A man is in double-double trouble after allegedly hijacking a TTC bus with a knife and forcing the driver to blow through red lights in some sort of desperate dash to Tim Hortons early Friday.

I’ve never been to one because I live in a real country, but Tim Hortons is supposed to have decent coffee and donuts. I’m told you can’t swing a dead beaver in Canada without hitting one. So, chances are the bus this hockey puck hijacked probably was going to stop near one anyway.


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