Phantom Sway

Artist Joshua Hoffine Brings Nightmares to Life in Horror Themed Photography

His work is both lovely and violent, calling on deeply embedded childhood fears.

A wolf stalks a lone toddler in diapers. A corpse teeming with spiders cradles her very animate infant. Zombies invade a suburban home and are shotgunned. A little girl descends the basement steps while the creature beneath them eagerly awaits… these are but a handful of the gorgeous nightmares photographer, Joshua Hoffine creates in his studio.

While it’s a far cry from his start with Hallmark, his work is very much a family affair, often calling upon the talents of his wife and four daughters to create the scenes inspired by the very stories he’s told his children at bedtime.

With his crew, Hoffine creates lush, fully saturated scenes dripping with blood, gore, clowns and balloons. Amid the carefully staged tableaus, horror and whimsy battle for dominance. His work is both lovely and violent, calling on deeply embedded childhood fears: the creature under the bed, the lurker in the shadows, and the unknown just around the corner.

Recently, he has teamed up with actor and body artist Doug Jones (Hell Boy, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer) to create a Lovecraftian-themed project for FX.

His book on Dark Regions press will soon be published after a successful crowd funding project. He has been showcased in Rue Morgue Magazine and the Independent UK .

For more information on Hoffine and his awesomely gory, beautiful work, visit his blog at

All images copyright Joshua Hoffine 2016

Liz Sentz Horvet

Evil Robot Liz was born in suburban New Jersey but raised as a Floridian swampbilly. Her first horror movie was Them! and her first crush was Boris Karloff, and for years she insisted that Barnabas Collins was her real father. She studied creative writing in graduate school and then worked in finance when she lived in a Major Northeastern City.
When not writing, or playing 8 bit DOS games on nefarious Russian emulator sites, she teaches people how to swim, or saves them when they don’t swim well.
She stands a sturdy 5’ and her people hail from Alsace-Lorraine.
She is not a killer cyborg sent from the future to pose as a suburban housewife, writer and swim teacher/lifeguard in a devious plot to destroy humanity and bring about the rise of the machines.

Or is she?

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