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Awesome Movie Reviews by Mavis: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

To my surprise, the movie actually kicked ass. Spoiler alert: Harrison Ford is still a hottie!

Star WarsWell, I live with someone who has a penis so naturally I got dragged out to see the new Star Wars flick. To my surprise, the movie actually kicked ass. Spoiler alert: Harrison Ford is still a hottie!
I usually can’t stand movies that are set in outer space. Space movies have freaked me out ever since I saw “Space Camp” as a kid. I can’t focus on what’s going on because I’m holding my breath the whole time and wishing everybody would just come home to planet Earth and quit messing around up there. I don’t care if they start selling shuttle tickets to the moon. I am NOT going up there. I learned my lesson from “Space Camp”. Nothing good happens up there. Have you ever seen “Event Horizon”? That will cure you of wanting to hop aboard a spacecraft of any kind. If it doesn’t, then you deserve to have your face eaten off by a space-demon.
I figure everybody has seen “The Force Awakens” by now, but I’m still not going to give away any real spoilers here. Last thing I need is the Nerd Army after my ass.
This has been another awesome movie review by Mavis.

Mavis Lipschitz-Gutiérrez

Mavis Lipschitz-Gutiérrez is a parking enforcement officer and part-time pet psychic. She enjoys chain-smoking, scrapbooking, and watching horror movies. Mavis lives with her husband Harold and their cat named Connie (named after Mavis's sister, who is a bitch.) Mavis can be followed on Twitter at @MavisReviews.

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