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Awesome Movie Reviews by Mavis: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Action-packed, with an arrogant, evil villain versus the good guys. Superman was hot. Batman was hot. Wonder Woman was smokin’ hot.

HottiesHarold and I went to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last night. First of all, I just want to say there was a whole lot of suck to all the movie trailers they showed before the main event. Apparently there’s a new friggin’ Harry Potter flick coming out. I hate that little bastard. Well, maybe Harry isn’t in it, but it’s more of that wizard and flying monkey nonsense. I guess J. K. Rowling was getting low on castles filled with cash.

I liked Batman v Superman. The only annoying part to me was the reason for the conflict between the two main characters. As usual, the whole misunderstanding could have been avoided had the two men bothered to communicate with each other. Typical.

I heard the movie got trashed by critics and fans alike. I don’t know what people expected. It was action-packed, with an arrogant, evil villain getting his ass handed to him by the good guys. Superman was hot. Batman was hot. Wonder Woman was smokin’ hot. There were multiple violent altercations between super-human hotties in tight latex. What do you grumpy comic book nerds want?

This has been another awesome movie review by Mavis.

Mavis Lipschitz-Gutiérrez

Mavis Lipschitz-Gutiérrez is a parking enforcement officer and part-time pet psychic. She enjoys chain-smoking, scrapbooking, and watching horror movies. Mavis lives with her husband Harold and their cat named Connie (named after Mavis's sister, who is a bitch.) Mavis can be followed on Twitter at @MavisReviews.

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