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Baseball Fans Assemble! Phantom Sway is Rolling Out the Red Ivy Podcast Just for You!


We here at Phantom Sway have been working very hard behind that lovely purple curtain to bring you a whole host of original podcasts. Today, our first self-rolled show has arrived! Red Ivy is our show dedicated to the Great American Pastime. No, I don’t mean yelling at your television whenever that one particular Presidential candidate comes on. I mean baseball!

Red Ivy is hosted by Mark Radin and a couple of his closest baseball buds and will focus on the Chicago Cubs and their quest to win a World Series some time before the turn of the next century. Sound interesting? Here are the first two shows!

So far, the shows are only on Soundcloud, but we’ll have them on iTunes soon enough. This is only the beginning!

Jimmie Bise Jr

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