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The Best YouTube Channel You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

If there was anything positive resulting from the making of the movie Birdemic, it is the Dark Corners review.

Here at Phantom Sway we like movies and not just good movies. Most of us here recognize that there is as much fun to be had watching a bad movie as there is watching a good one. Sometimes the bad ones are even more fun. This is why shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000 build such big cult followings. If you share that kind of mindset about movies then you will absolutely love the Dark Corners channel on YouTube.

Dark Corners publishes sometimes scathing but always funny video reviews of “genre” movies—science fiction, horror, fantasy, etc. The reviews are written and presented by screenwriter and comic Robin Bailes. The editing is very tight with clips from the movies punctuating Bailes’ wisecracks. It’s not all jokes though. Bailes delivers some interesting and concise film criticism along the way.

Dark Corners cranks out reviews like clockwork with a new one every Tuesday plus other features like top 10 lists or “smackdown” competitions between movies. Here are a few of the reviews for you to sample.

If there was anything positive resulting from the making of the movie Birdemic, it is this Dark Corners review.

What I don’t understand is how the channel has so few subscribers relative to similar movie sites and some of the videos only have a thousand or two views. That’s a crime. This is good stuff.

Watch them. Subscribe to their channel. Share videos. Tell your friends. This is good work and needs to be seen by more people.

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