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The Big Apple: Fashion & the City

I just returned home from my first trip to New York!

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My best friend turned a year older and invited me along to celebrate with her and friends over the span of four days. Well, my vacation began a day early when I flew into New Jersey to spend some time with another best friend who drove me into the city the following morning. Before packing my clothes, I saw the weather to be rainy and cold most of the weekend, and I made sure to bring appropriate, warm clothing that could be easily layered. I chose against bringing my thicker jackets or a coat. Boots and a pair of sneakers were also strategically planned into what I’d be wearing. Tons of walking would be happening, and I wanted to be as comfortable as possible from head to toe. This doesn’t include the night we went out on the town. I sucked it up and did my best to not allow anyone to know just how much my feet were aching whilst making our way back to the car.

Packing Tip: Lay out all of your outfits, complete with accessories and shoes, prior to putting them in your luggage. This will help prevent overpacking.

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With our hotel being in Midtown [Manhattan], we were just a short trek from the Subway which we became fond of very quickly. We visited Central Park, Grand Central Station, Times Square – more than once, and the Brooklyn Bridge, along with frequent stops to eat. And have more drinks. We were told by natives that we’d really lucked out on the weather over the weekend. The rainy forecast only lasted a few hours the first day. Of course once the evening came, it was a lot chillier, but it wasn’t anything my bomber jacket, cardigan, or blazer could not fix. Even if that meant wearing them all at once! When the initial plans for this trip came about, there was a mutual agreement on seeing a Broadway show. It wasn’t until we were in line to purchase our tickets that we decided on “The Chicago Musical”. I wished there were no end. At one point, I had goosebumps so it’s safe to say that was the highlight of the trip. This is where the favorite, blue dress comes into play, which I paired with my booties featured in my last blog post.

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We saved the best adventure for last – thrifting!! The Fashion District in Brooklyn was our original destination to be frugal with our spending. Unfortunately we never made it there, however, had the opportunity to find some really awesome steals at The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Vintage Thrift, and a couple of other shops. I cannot wait to share all of them with you! Not only was this mini vacation a major necessity in order to rid of a lot unknown stress, I was also greatly inspired by so many women and men wearing exactly what they wanted. I did internally raise an eyebrow towards a number of women strutting down the street with stilettos on their feet. As much as I love a nice, high heal, I couldn’t fathom walking miles in them. Well, there was that one time in Vegas.

 Until next time, ladies and gentlemen, remember to stay creative and shop smart!!



Joia Cook

Joia is a 20-something-year old with an old soul. She has a creative passion for the arts just as long as it doesn't involve public speaking!. She is a full-time, medical biller, but dancing will always be her first love. She has recently discovered another passion, expressing herself without words - personal style and fashion. She believes everyone, especially women, should confidently have the freedom to wear whatever they want while staying true to themselves.

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  • Love the way you explain why you chose the clothes you chose and how you put everything together. It really helps people like me who rarely consider thinhs like weather and possible walking conditions when I go out. Lol

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