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Review of Horror Short From 6FOUR6 Films Titled ‘Camera Never Lies’

What would you do if an anonymous package was left on your doorstep from a ding-dong-ditcher… open it?

You might think twice after watching this short from 6FOUR6 titled ‘Camera Never Lies’.

The Panic Room Short Film Review thinks the filmmakers have a real knack for cleverly constructed cinematic color grading and sets a great tone for horror film-making. This entertaining short is well paced and wraps up nicely with a twist in the end.

I watched a few of the dozen or so other shorts on the 6FOUR6 YouTube Channel, and definitely recommend checking them out. He even has a few that show examples of how color grading sets the tone of a scene.

Worth mentioning that the sliding is accomplished using a Glide Gear DEV 1000 slide from Glider Gear. Kudos to 6FOUR6 Films for a film well done.

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Rob Gaudet

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