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Drunk Canadian Men Arrested for Riding Couch Towed Behind ATV Through McDonalds Drive Thru

Two things prevent this story from being the most Canadian story ever.

Man, you can’t do anything fun in Canada. Two New Brunswick men were arrested after riding on a couch that was being towed by an ATV. The unconventional conveyance was used to make a McDonalds run and ended on the frozen Mirimichi River where the two inebriated occupants of the couch were arrested. The driver of the ATV is still at large so take proper precautions.

The Mirimichi Online police blotter has the details.

17-02-09 0319hrs A MPF officer, while travelling on KG Hwy, observed an ATV that was towing a couch, with two males sitting on the couch, going through the drive through at MacDonald’s restaurant. As the MPF officer approached, the ATV fled from the drive trough and managed to cross the highway then it ventured onto the frozen Miramichi River. The two couch passengers (aged 28 & 39) who were intoxicated were left behind and were arrested. This ATV was located later in the day and was seized. This matter is still under investigation. Court charges are pending.

I think these guys deserve kudos for wearing helmets—safety first—and also for pulling this stunt while being old enough to know better. Seizing someone’s ATV just for dragging a couch through a fast food drive thru seems a bit fascist, but this is Canada after all.

Security cam footage of the culprits has surfaced on Twitter.

Two things prevent this story from being the most Canadian story ever.

One, the couch was towed through a McDonalds drive thru. Proper Canadian hijinks would have involved a Tim Horton’s rather than a burger franchise. And two, the ATV was not itself being towed by a moose.

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