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Everyone Hates the new “Ghostbusters” Trailer

The official trailer has the honor of being the most hated trailer on Youtube

The new lady-fied version of “Ghostbusters” released their trailer and people don’t like it.

Actually, people hate it. Actually, people hate it so much the trailer has already become one of the top 25 most disliked trailers on Youtube. Apparently it is the most hated trailer of all time on Youtube (although we aren’t sure how they measure that). People hate the trailer almost as much as they hate KimyeWest’s matching “Dollar Store Goes to the Future” outfits at the Met Gala last night.

We here at Phantom Sway are willing to give the movie a chance, even if it threatens to desecrate one of the greatest ensemble casts of all time. It is a talented cast of female comedians and the material is easy and familiar. It could be enjoyable; but this trailer isn’t.

Bill Murray must be rolling over in his bed of cash right now.

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Harriet Tubman is one of America’s most beloved historical figures but has sadly been largely relegated to just a few facts during Black History Month. This incredible ex-slave, spy, cook, nurse, public speaker and rescuer deserves a story worthy of her stature.

“Minty” – tentatively titled after Tubman’s nickname – is a “reimagining” of Harriet Tubman as an action hero. It is a period piece with a modern flare.