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Fiction Friday 100-Word Challenge: “The Last Adventure of Professor Dare”

Here is this week’s prompt and something a little new. I wrote a story to prime everyone’s creative pump. Remember, 100 words in the comments or at your own web place with a link back. Write, my pretties! Write like the wind!

“Hurry”, Rip shouted. “The Modeler will notice his shrink ray is slag any minute!” He donned his scuba gear with practiced ease. Ahead of him, Professor Dare and his daughter Vonda had already slipped into the water. Their escape plan was simple genius. Before they destroyed the ray, they used it on themselves so they could easily swim the scale model of the Amazon and through the outflow pipe the Professor had found. The Modeler would never search the water.

The perfect escape, he thought.

Then he saw the blood and shredded gear

And the dozen normal-sized piranha saw him.

Jimmie Bise Jr

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  • Deeper and deeper they dove. Further and further they swam – the water around them becoming darker with each foot of descent. It was as if the ocean knew their apprehension and had conspired to keep it’s secrets to the very last minute. But the Loron triplets had no choice but to continue, to push forward. Above them chaos had already claimed the last of humanity’s humanity. Children were fair game. The last refuge of the future was 50 meters down. Protected by the ocean’s pressure and a dome of steel – The Children’s Castle, where hope still dared to breathe.

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