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GALLERY: Alice Cooper Live 2016

Alice’s Make America Sick Again campaign hit Dallas for the third to last show on his never ending tour.

Alice’s Make America Sick Again campaign hit Dallas for the third to last show on his never ending tour and culminated with 2 hours of stage camp, hundreds of pounds of combustibles and a catalog so rich and deep that he could have stayed in his 1970 era and still had plenty of meat left on the bone.

“School’s Out”, “I’m Eighteen”, “Is It My Body” and “Elected” cemented their place in his lore alongside so rare gems as “Long Way To Go”, “Halo of Flies, “Cold Ethyl” and the opener “The Black Widow” that was accompanied by showers of sparks from the lighting grid 50 feet above.

Backed by a stellar band featuring 3 guitarists and a rhythm section that was welded down to the boards, they replicated the glorious past of the Spiders with aplomb and more than enough energy that whether you say Alice on the 1971 Killers tour or this is your first time through it mattered not because the sound was huge and on point. All the while the Dracula of the rock sect never seems to age or miss a beat. His stagecraft is years beyond his supposed contemporaries and come the end of the day, he’ll still be standing, refusing to let the sun turn his to ash.

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