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Groovy Friday – 60s/70s Often-poems and Songs

Malaysian Go Go time.

It’s Friday!

Twice before we’ve dipped into the Malaysian film “A-Go-Go ‘67” for a Groovy Friday clip, first with this:

And later with this:

Both times, I wrote precious little about what I was presenting for the simple reason that, aside from the many video clips, I could find no information on the internet about just what “A-Go-Go ‘67” was.  I didn’t even know it was Malaysian.  I thought it was Japanese.

I’m an occidental idiot.

This time around I was determined to provide relevant content.  (I know.  Why start now?)  I searched the name of this week’s singer, Sanisah Huri and… Jackpot!  I found her Wikipedia page!

It’s in Malay.  That means we’re in for another round of “Fun with Online Translators.”  Not as hilarious as our last go-round, but it has it’s moments:

“Sanisah Huri is an American adulation many era 60 ‘s/70 ‘s often-poems and songs on the radio Malaysia.

She began to record the voice through the EMI to soundtrack album for the film A-Go-Go ‘ 67 which release Shaw Brothers ‘ Malay Film Production Limited for songs such as ‘ Who ‘ and ‘ Alam Gerangan Art ‘ (accompanying The Terwellos)

After that, his record with The Hooks of songs such as Si Green Shirts and school holidays. He and The Hooks also appeared in Mat Mat Sentol Toyol instructions release Cathay Keris.

She often performing with the Group accompanied by The Terwellos and The Hooks. Sanisah Huri also record songs with Orkes Dendang Perindu led by Kassim Masdor for the song Always in 1969.

She later moved to Harmony Records, ownership of Kassim Masdor. In addition to singing solo (like the song ‘ love story’), she also occasionally record a song by a. Ramlie (for two song dangdut, which is the ‘ hair ‘ and ‘ Hello Hello Love ‘) and p. Ramlee (song ‘ Mirror Face pleases you ‘). In addition, she was also the voice chime with the Group trio, voice Perindu.

Shortly thereafter, she occasionally appeared in entertainment plan issue radio and tv anime in Singapore, particularly at Eid. Now, she is no longer active in the field of art. Time many dhabiskan by teaching children reciting the Quran at her home. She also decided to stay in Singapore.”

Good for her!

That’s all you need to know about Sanisah Huri, I suppose.  I would love to hear the song, “Mirror Face Pleases You.”

Have a groovy weekend!

If all this has piqued your interest, you can see the whole movie here:

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