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Groovy Friday – Cantinflas Bailando

It’s Friday! Let’s get groovy with the legendary Cantinflas.

It’s Friday!  Let’s get groovy with the legendary Cantinflas.Cantinflas Dancing

Cantinflas marionetteWhen I was a kid, my parents came back from a trip to Mexico bearing marionettes for me and my two brothers. One brother got a generic old man marionette.  I got a Pancho Villa marionette, complete with a cardboard guitar in his right hand and a yellow plastic gun in his left.  But my oldest brother got a Cantinflas marionette.  Cantinflas was just that famous.

Have a groovy weekend!


André Dupuy

Andre Dupuy is the youngest of five children, a fourth-generation Californian and he knows how to drive a Model-T Ford.

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