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Groovy Friday – The Cool Ones

You can’t even handle the groovy here.

It’s Friday!

This week we pay tribute to one of the grooviest films ever made, “The Cool Ones.” There will be no Groovy Friday Extras this week. Each of these clips is worthy of its own post, but I’m going to lump them all together for one super-groovy post.

Brace yourselves.

“The Cool Ones” starred legendary actor Roddy McDowall, who started as a winsome waif in the early days of Hollywood, became a mod leading man in the 60s, then an ape and finally the old gay guy.

Good for him. One could do worse.

In this first clip, he’s the mod leading man. That’s Groovy Friday alumnus Nancy Sinatra dubbing in for the female lead. Baby, baby, baby!

The Tantrum. Lord protect me from so much groovy.

A tribute to another Groovy Friday alumnus, Toni Basil. She choreographed “The Cool Ones.” The plot revolves around an ambitious go-go dancer on a show called “WhizBang” who grabs the mic from Glen Campbell and winds up as a singing star. That mic stealing scene is here, plus more groovy dancing.

“We’re gonna stay high up here.”

This is a ten minute clip that features many scenes from “The Cool Ones.” and it’s all good. But it’s the first four minutes that makes it groovy.

Damn, those kids are happy to be on that mountain top (02:21)

Have a groovy weekend!

André Dupuy

Andre Dupuy is the youngest of five children, a fourth-generation Californian and he knows how to drive a Model-T Ford.

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