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Groovy Friday – Danish Sharks and Copenhagen Call Girls

It’s a nudie flick! A “soft porn lystspil,” if you will.


It’s Friday!

dkdsh1Meet The Danish Sharks.  There’s practically nothing about them on the internet.  Nothing.  Oh, you can find their music at most music sites, but info about the band?  Forget it.  Wikipedia?  Nothing.  Google search?  Nothing.  I’ve never hit such a brick wall, research-wise.  But I have a duty to make this Friday as groovy as possible for you readers and I don’t take that lightly.  I worked my index finger to the bone and didn’t stop until I found a page that told the story of The Danish Sharks.

Not surprisingly, it was in Danish.  Undaunted, I ran the text through a translation website one line at a time.  I care that much.  Here are the amusing verbatim highlights:

“Barbed wire group formed in 1960 with a background in Bellahøj Orchestra Silver Guys (formed in 1957). Changed their name to The Sharks (inspired by one of youth gangs in the musical West side story.)

Got the contract with Triola and changed at the same time its name to Danish Sharks p.g.a. other groups named Sharks abroad.

Got Danish breakthrough in mid-1963 with instrumental number Shaking the battle hymn “\ \”, which was in first place on Danmarks Radio’s “Ten we ka li \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘. 64, on 8 may (3), which in reality was the music for the film Villa Vennely.

Danish Sharks played instrumental and vocal r&r music, but tried at Liverpool-wave appearance turning style against the more beat embossed, however, without the audience’s success. The group played mostly in youth clubs in the province and had, among other things tours to Sweden (not Norway, Finland and Germany as previously claimed). In Copenhagen, they played primarily at the Moulin Rouge, where there was “Danish Sharks Pop Club”.  Danish Sharks had trodden the boards in ABC-Revue Sextase, and Søren Strømberg continued as an actor and made his debut in “Married” in 1966, and since appeared in a variety of soft porn lystspil, inter alia. the so-called bedside-films.

Danish Sharks appeared in the film “Villa Vennely” in 1964 as mimende backing for Anette.”

“Villa Vennely?”  That must be the film from which this clip is taken.  Quick!  To IMDb!  What I found there is too good.  The one and only review on the film says, “Villa Vennely is a brothel in a posh area of Copenhagen, where men can gamble, drink and, of course, enjoy the company of harddrinkin’, pillpoppin’ ladies of the night.”  The film is also known “Villa Vennely; Home of Copenhagen Call Girls.”

It’s a nudie flick!  A “soft porn lystspil,” if you will.  A quick trip to YouTube led to the trailer for the film.  Here it is.  It looks great and it’s censored for your protection.

I definitely want to see the whole thing.

There’s not a lot of dancing in this clip, but there’s enough.

One final thought; I think we all strive to be as happy as that drummer appears to be.


Have a groovy weekend!

Groovy Friday extra!

André Dupuy

Andre Dupuy is the youngest of five children, a fourth-generation Californian and he knows how to drive a Model-T Ford.


  • Wait for the leg kick in the first video.. wait for it… wait for it…
    okay… don’t have to wait for it. Check it out at minute 1:22.

  • Their Vocalist is a babe… the restaurant with only 2 tables could not have been large enough to hold the thronging masses surely waiting at the door.

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