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Meet David Winters. You’ve never heard of him before, have you? Neither had I. I just liked this clip. Then I started doing some research and what I found was fascinating.



It’s Friday!

Meet David Winters.  You’ve never heard of him before, have you?  Neither had I.  I just liked this clip.  Then I started doing some research and what I found was fascinating.

Actor, dancer, choreographer, writer, producer, director…he was your basic sextuple threat.  He was a Jet in the original Broadway production of “West Side Story” and was one of only three actors from that show to also appear in the film version (although he played a different Jet in the film.)  He was nominated for several Emmys and won a 1972 Peabody award for producing the NBC special “The Timex All-Star Swing Festival.”  He also directed 1988’s “Space Mutiny,” a film so bad it warranted a skewering by MST3K.  He worked with Paul Newman, Kirk Douglas, Bob Hope, John Wayne and Pamela Anderson.  He directed the 1976 Alice Cooper concert film “Welcome to My Nightmare.”  He choreographed four Elvis Presley movies as well as television specials for Nancy Sinatra, Raquel Welch and “Groovy Friday” favorite Ann Margret.  He also choreographed the 1979 film “Roller Boogie” and the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.

He had a two year affair with “Deep Throat” star Linda Lovelace.

Yep.  I’ll bet you weren’t expecting that.

Here he is on the TV show “Hullabaloo.”  He served as choreographer for that show after serving in the same capacity for several years on “Shindig.”  He is currently 77 years old and living somewhere.

Have a groovy Friday!

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