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Groovy Friday – Go-Go Boots and Heavy Machinery

This clip, while lo-res, is definitely groovy.

It’s Friday.

Every week I try to bring you a groovy video clip to kick off your weekend.  I feel I’ve done that this week.  This clip, while lo-res, is definitely groovy.

I also try to delve into the background of the clip to provide some context or, at the very least, some interesting trivia.  Quite often I learn some new things myself.

This week, however, I got nothin’.  There are only a few clues as to where this clip comes from.  It appears to be from our old friends at Scopitone, but looking through their site proved fruitless.  There’s also the enigmatic web address at the beginning of the clip.  I tried to visit that site, but my PC security system stopped me before I could reach it.  And the “N3” bug in the upper left corner?  No help at all.  So that’s it.

I got nothin’.

If I had to hazard a guess, drawing on my Groovy Friday experience and intuition, I’d say it’s Soviet in origin or possibly East European.  The pride in the technology, dressed up with shapely women in go-go boots but with no sales pitch says communism to me.

I could be wrong.

There’s one thing I know I’m not wrong about.  Go-go dancers and heavy machinery are a winning combination.

Have a groovy weekend!

André Dupuy

Andre Dupuy is the youngest of five children, a fourth-generation Californian and he knows how to drive a Model-T Ford.

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