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Groovy Friday – Kaos Rules

Barbara Feldon, groovy goddess of 60s TV.

It’s Friday!

Here at Groovy Friday, we love our sixties television sitcom goddesses such as Liz Montgomery and Barb Eden.  Another groovy goddess is Barbara Feldon who played Agent 99 on “Get Smart” from 1965-1970.  This week’s clip isn’t the usual Groovy Friday fare as there’s only one dancer, but when that dancer is Barbara Feldon, it’s plenty groovy.  If memory serves, this episode has KAOS trying to brainwash young people with the evil psychedelic band The Sacred Cows.  Agent 99 can’t stop herself from dancing.

After Get Smart, Babara Feldon had a stellar career as a voice-over artist.  If you bought high-end make-up or a luxury car from 1970-1990, odds are Barbara Feldon seduced you into it.

Have a groovy weekend!

Groovy Friday extra.

Barbara Feldon sings.  Not well, but she sings and we love her for it.

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