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Groovy Friday – Do You Know Jackie DeShannon?

Jackie sang rock, blues, country, gospel, jazz, folk…you name it.

It’s Friday!

Let’s be frank. I had heard the name of Jackie DeShannon before I saw this clip, but I had only a vague idea of who that was. A sixties artist, I knew, but I wasn’t even sure if Jackie was a girl or a guy.

She’s a girl, but she picked the name Jackie because she had a low husky voice that listeners might think was a guy.

And what a voice! She began singing at the age of 3 and was hosting her own local radio show at the age of 12. She also sang with what appears to be every local band in town.

Jackie sang rock, blues, country, gospel, jazz, folk…you name it.

This week we feature one of her numerous appearances on the American dance show “Shindig.”

Jackie is an icon. In addition to the hits she sang, she also wrote hits like “Put A Little Love in Your Heart,” a song I really like and “Bette Davis Eyes,” a song I really don’t like.

She won a Best Song Grammy for that Bette Davis thing.

She was the opening act for The Beatles on their first American tour and she worked with Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Then she went to New York and wrote songs with Randy Newman. She had five careers where most of us have just one.

Pardon my language, but this woman is the shit.

Have a groovy weekend!

Groovy Friday extra!

Jackie wrote this song herself.

So groovy!

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