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Groovy Friday – Love-a My Baby

It’s a groovy explosion.


It’s Friday!

Here at GF we’ve featured Ann-Margret.  We’ve also featured Elvis Presley.  Now we feature Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley.

It’s a groovy explosion.

“Viva Las Vegas” was Ann-Margret’s second starring film after “Bye, Bye Birdie”.  MGM paired her with Elvis Presley and the sparks started to fly.  According to biographers, Ann-Margret was Elvis’ only “authentic romance” during the period where he was just “dating” his co-starlets.

Dating.  Got it.  I think we all understand what that means.

Elvis’ manager, Col. Parker, argued with director George Sidney, feeling that he was focusing more on Ann-Margret than on Elvis.  He was.  Who could blame him?  Watch this clip and tell me where your eyes go.

By all accounts, the Elvis/Ann-Margret romance ended abruptly and Col. Parker never again allowed a female co-star to outshine Elvis.

Fashion note:  I’ve always loved Elvis’ lapel-less jacket here.  That never caught on.  Still, he wears it well.

Have a groovy weekend!

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