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Groovy Friday – In Mod We Trust

Here’s a groovy clip from the 1965 film, “Pop Gear,” an offshoot of the British television series “Top of the Pops”.

It’s Friday!

Here’s a groovy clip from the 1965 film, Pop Gear, an offshoot of the British television series Top of the Pops. This musical anthology film featured such well-known acts as The Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, The Spencer Davis Group and The Animals, all lip-syncing to their hits. In addition, there were lesser known acts doing the same thing, such as The Rockin’ Berries, The Four Pennies, and Tom Quickly and the Remo Four.

Remember them?

The first part of this clip has been featured here before, the danciest part. I love the outfits. Classic ’60s mod before everything went hippy.

The second part of this clip is new to me. It’s Matt Monro singing what seems to be the theme song of the movie, “Pop Gear.”

Have a groovy weekend!

Groovy Friday Extra!

I love Matt Monro. He’s one of my favorite vocalists. If you’re an old person or a nerd, you’ll recognize his voice. He had his biggest hits with movie themes like “Born Free” and James Bond’s second outing, “From Russia With Love.” He was discovered by George Martin (yes, that George Martin) when he was looking for a Sinatra impersonator to sing on a an album for Peter Sellers (yes, that Peter Sellers.) Monro was a bus driver or a tram driver or a truck driver or a lorry driver or something when he answerd a classified ad and got the job. He went on to record several George Martin produced albums. He recorded songs from the “Great American Songbook,” but also recorded contemporary songs in the same vein.

Matt introduced this song that was covered by Sinatra, Dean Martin and Groovy Friday alumnus Sammy Davis Jr.

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