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Groovy Friday – Bewitched, Bothered and Bewitched

What do you know! Elizabeth Montgomery really was a witch.


It’s Friday!

I’m altering the format this week.  That’s my right.  It’s my feature.  But I still promise a dose of pre-weekend grooviness before the end.

I’m a baseball fan.  More specifically, I’m a Dodgers fan.  Even more specifically, I’m a Vin Scully fan.  A big Vin Scully fan.  He’s retiring this year and I’m sad about that, although at the same time I’m grateful for all the hours I’ve spent with him.  This weekend is Vin Scully weekend at Dodger Stadium, and I wanted to acknowledge that.  In 1966, Vin co-hosted ABC’s broadcast of The Tournament of Roses Parade with Elizabeth Montgomery.  Here’s the promo for that.


What do you know!  Elizabeth Montgomery really was a witch.

Vin survived that brush with black magic and went on to be the Grand Marshall of The Tournament of Roses Parade in 2014.  God bless him.

OK, now for the groovy part.  Here’s Elizabeth Montgomery performing a song written by 60s pop song writers Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart.  Among other songs, they wrote some of The Monkees biggest hits and they were guest stars on this episode of “Bewitched”.  There aren’t as many dancers as usual here, but I think Liz in a mini-dress with an electric guitar and ostrich feathers makes up for that.

Have a groovy weekend!

Groovy Friday extra!  It’s Boyce and Hart performing the same song in the same episode of “Bewitched”.

I think I need a buckskin vest.

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