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Groovy Friday – Ye-Ye

Sylvie Vartan is possibly the biggest star you’ve never heard of.

It’s Friday!

Sylvie Vartan is possibly the biggest star you’ve never heard of.  Born in Hungary in 1944, she went on to become a French and European singing icon.  She was known as “The Goddess of the Ye-Ye Sound.”  “Ye-Ye”, pronounced “Je-Je” in French, was a style of 1960s European pop, roughly translated as “Yeah, yeah” and based on the pop music coming out of Britain at the time (i.e. The Beatles)  There were many male Ye-Ye artists, but Vartan was the queen.  She had a throaty voice suited for the “rock” aspects of pop music and she scored dozens of hits on the European charts.

She also made numerous television appearances.  Here’s one of them.  It’s Sylvie singing her hit song “Irresistiblement.”  Though you may not possess the knowledge of high school French that I have, you should be able to translate that title on your own.

Sylvie is still with us but she seems to be retired.  Her most recent live appearances were in 2009.

Have a groovy weekend!

Here’s another television appearance where Sylvie sings the same song.

It was a big hit for her.

This clip is blurrier than the first and less dynamic, but the dancing and costumes are slightly groovier and definitely worth a look.

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