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Groovy HALLOWEEN – Phyllis and Fang

Diller is a decent singer by comedian standards.


It’s Friday Halloween!

Last year at Halloween, Groovy Friday reached its pinnacle of popularity when 35 people liked this post. It’s the Mummy!   Let’s draw from the same well this week with another groovy clip from the classic Halloween film “Mad Monster Party” featuring the fabulous Phyllis Diller.  She plays “The Monster’s Mate”, the monster here named Fang.  He’s different.

Diller is a decent singer by comedian standards.  She sings like she talks, she hits all the notes and she’s wearing white go-go boots.  You couldn’t ask for more.

Well, you could ask for more, but that would be like ringing the same doorbell twice and expecting more candy.

Have a groo-oo-oo-oo-oovy weekend Halloween!


Groovy Friday Halloween Extra!

OK.  More candy.  Here’s a two-part fifteen minute long mini-doc on the making of “Mad Monster Party”.

Part two should pop up after watching part one.

Or you can just watch it here.

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