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John Popper’s emergency spinal surgery suspends Blues Traveler tour

If neglected, condition could lead to paralysis.

John Popper, singer and harmonica player for Blues Traveler, required emergency spinal surgery which put the band’s summer tour on hold.

Blues Traveler suspends summer tour as singer John Popper undergoes surgery to avoid paralysis

In a message posted last week to Facebook, Popper detailed the health issues that precipitated the surgery, including the collapse of three vertebrae in his neck and a leg injury.

“It is with profound regret and acknowledgment that out of necessity I must go under the knife for surgery and I mean fast,” stated Popper. “It seems that there is an issue with my spine that if treated quickly will ultimately have me up and running in two weeks.

“If neglected as it has been, it would be far worse to the point of paralysis so need to take care of this now.”

Popper seems like he’s remaining in good spirits.

Phantom Sway

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