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Joia Monet – Neutral Hues & Denim Thigh High Boots

Shopping smart isn’t always about the price of an item. Sometimes it means paying full price in order to maximize your wardrobe. Check out how I styled these fab denim thigh high boots! #fashion #personalstyle #denim

Thigh high boots have been a fall/winter statement item since they broke onto the fashion scene in the 1960s. Slip them over your favorite pair of jeans, and instantly dress up that big, comfy sweater us women all seem to own.

Thankfully, this new trend is now allowing us to keep the over-the-knee look kicking through spring and summer. These beauties were purchased from Forever 21 for $44.90. The open-toe and distressed denim make them a lot more manageable for the warmer weather.

According to the fashion world, when pairing these with a dress, it must be oversized. I, instead, wore this long-sleeve, t-shirt dress with my favorite long-line vest which creates the loose fitting look. Neutral and pastel colors are typically the best mate for denim, and a jacket or duster can easily be thrown on, if needed, without disrupting the outfit.

Shopping smart doesn’t always necessarily mean paying a lesser than normal price. Sometimes it means paying full price for a piece that will stay in your wardrobe for a length of time that eventually makes up for that money spent. I know that’s my plan for these!

Until next time be creative and always stay true to you!


Joia Cook

Joia is a 20-something-year old with an old soul. She has a creative passion for the arts just as long as it doesn't involve public speaking!. She is a full-time, medical biller, but dancing will always be her first love. She has recently discovered another passion, expressing herself without words - personal style and fashion. She believes everyone, especially women, should confidently have the freedom to wear whatever they want while staying true to themselves.

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