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Joia Monet: Thrifted Finds

Relaxed tees, pleated shorts, and a pop of color.

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We’re reaching triple-digit-weather here in the valley of the sun. And it’s only June. This dreadful “dry heat” calls for clothing with breathable material in order to keep cool while staying stylish. Because of our long summers, it’s best to have as many of these options as possible. Finding them at a cheaper price, is even better!

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I’ve had this graphic, relaxed-fit tee for a few years, and it’s my favorite! I think buying it on my very first trip to Forever 21, for around $10, has a lot to do with it. My black, pleated shorts are from the Goodwill; I snagged them for $6. I really like how loose these are, yet flattering to my figure with them being slightly high-waisted.

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This suede, royal blue belt was another item I bought while bargaining in New York. I’m sure that’s why I found this Top Shop accessory for only $8. I really wanted to pair these two items together, and didn’t let the fact that there are no belt loops sway me. This is what I mean when I say “get creative” when it comes to shopping and piecing together an outfit. These tan wedges? $20 from Charming Charlies.

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To get my hair up and away, I turned one of printed scarfs into a funky and stylish head wrap. I completed the look with gold accessories to accent the gold details in the belt and shoes. Again, the jewelry is kept simple. I’m looking forward to purchasing more bottoms similar to these instead of denim this summer. Pretty dang excited, if you ask me! As always, shop smart, get creative, and continue to stay true to you!

Joia Cook

Joia is a 20-something-year old with an old soul. She has a creative passion for the arts just as long as it doesn't involve public speaking!. She is a full-time, medical biller, but dancing will always be her first love. She has recently discovered another passion, expressing herself without words - personal style and fashion. She believes everyone, especially women, should confidently have the freedom to wear whatever they want while staying true to themselves.


  • Very cute! You have that knack for pulling an outfit together ti give it that extra something! I love what the belt does to it. I wish I could think of those things. Sometimes when I buy cheaply, I just look cheap. I don’t know how to make it look special unless I spend a fortune so I mostly I just don’t look special. Any basic advice?

    • Thank you Sunny! My advice would first be to look for one type of clothing. For instance if you find a top, don’t attempt to find bottoms to match the type. Second, if it looks cheap, try to match it with something that you already own. Add accessories. Put your own personal touch on it so that it no longer looks cheap. It looks like you! I hope this helps, and I apologize about my late response. – Joia

  • I love this look, Joia! You always keep your style fresh, youthful and full of whimsy!! I’m excited to see what’s to come!

    • Renee!! Thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the looks. Make sure to stay tuned!

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