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Ladies of the Ladder Episode 204: The Red Wall

The premier fancast of “The Path” on Hulu

The Ladies of the Ladder are back to discuss Episode 204 of “The Path” on Hulu…The Red Wall.

The Ladies discuss this week’s episode of “The Path” on Hulu.
Is Sarah becoming like Cal?
Is Abe being sucked into the cult he’s investigating?
Can we get some of those cool “The Eye” tote bags?
All burning questions posed by Kira, Caroline and Allison on this week’s episode. Available on iTunes, Soundcloud and Pinecast.

Kira Allen

When Kira isn’t scaling the peaks of some of the toughest mountains in the world or exploring the Amazon rainforests she spends her time as a foster mom for her local animal shelter. Kira has volunteered for “Doctors without Borders” even though she isn’t even a doctor or a nurse. Her mantra is “More speed, more height, more life…”
Just kidding….Kira is a writer, actor and suburban housewife and mother. Her mantra is “If I can’t do it from the couch, is it really worth it?”

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