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Lady GaGa shares artist’s work without attribution

You would think that getting your work noticed by Lady Gaga would raise your profile. It would, if Lady Gaga took the time to give you credit for your work.

You would think that getting your work noticed by Lady Gaga might raise your profile somewhat.

It would, if Lady Gaga took the time to give you credit for your work.

It’s great that you love it, but how about giving the artist credit, Gaga. The photo you posted cropped out the artist’s watermark and you made no mention of her in your caption. Whether or not it was intentional, you deprived the artist of the benefit she could have gained by having your huge following see her work.

The painting of “Mr. March,” a character from the FX television series American Horror Story was created by Heather M. Morris whose amazing work can be seen at

I just finished my painting of American Horror Story’s character Mr. March! Acrylic on panel. 16″x20″ I had a lot of fun with this one, going back to my roots in classical realism. Prints are available at my Etsy store name: thirtyARTsix #art #americanhorrorstory #ahshotel #mrmarch #jpmarch #painting #acrylic #portrait #paint #fanart #americanhorrorstoryhotel #ahs #evanpeters #realism #artist #artwork #artstudio #instaart #instaartist #artoftheday #thirtyartsix

Heather shared the completed painting on Instagram as well as several shots of the work in progress.

Super stoked about this new painting. Since my Lobster Boy painting was so well received last year, I thought I'd have a try at another American Horror Story piece. My husband suggested I do Mr. March and since I struggled with last year's portrait, it's nice to revisit the same face with fresh eyes. Initially I was going to try some soft cubism, but my realist roots are coming through and it feels like home! #painting #art #workinprogress #fanartfriday #ahshotel
Focusing on fabric today. Working on this painting keeps reminding me of my Sleep No More days. #workinprogress #art #painting #instaart #artwork #artstudio #portrait #wip #paint #acrylic #americanhorrorstory #ahshotel #thirtyartsix
Starting to block the background in. It makes a world of difference as I work the figure up. #paint #acrylic #painting #wip #workinprogress #artstudio #art #artwork

How the image came to Lady Gaga’s attention is not clear, but Heather’s supporters called Gaga out on Twitter.

She should certainly give Heather credit and there’s nothing stopping her from doing it. Hopefully she will do the right thing.

It happens all the time. Artists, musicians, videographers and other creatives share their work online in order to publicize it only to have it reused by someone else who doesn’t give them credit. Some people steal things outright, others are perhaps well intentioned but confused about how social media works.

(hat tip Matt Dawson, @StRPh)

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