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Life in Concert Podcast (Episode 1) Prince- The Love Sexy Tour

Prince would push you back then pull you back in – Michael Goedhart, podcaster

Welcome to a new podcast from the Phantom Sway Podcast Network!! On the Life in Concert Podcast host Mark Davis sits down with guests to chat about their most memorable concert experience.

We all have that favorite concert  we go back and relive in our minds. In our inaugural episode Red Ivy Podcast’s Michael Goedhart joins Mark to tell us his most memorable concert experience – Prince on his “Love Sexy Tour” in 1988 in Ames, Iowa.  We learn a lot about Prince as an entertainer and a true showman. Michael also shares with us his Dinner Party Music Playlist, which also proves to be pure perfection. Enjoy! Also don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

Mark Davis

Mark Davis is a music enthusiast, culture writer, father of two and husband of one (which is fine because who needs more than one wife. Double the trouble). Roadie, foodie, sun hog. Just a black man living in a white man’s paradise – Orange County.

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