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‘Life as an unending stream of awe’: Intriguing paintings by Dorian Vallejo

“If I allow time to reflect, I’m usually presented with something unique to explore creatively.”

Dorian VallejoI was recently introduced to the art of Dorian Vallejo and immediately became an admirer of his work. His ethereal oil paintings and drawings of the female form recall some of the best classical artists throughout the ages who were able to capture female beauty on canvas flawlessly. Some of Dorian’s subjects are set in realistic environments performing everyday tasks. Others float in space in dreamlike surroundings. All are impeccably presented in lush color and intriguing compositions. I asked Dorian to tell me about his development as an artist and his sources for inspiration. Get to know the artist in the interview below and enjoy the gallery of his work I curated below of my particular favorites.

PS: How would you describe your art and your style?

DV: I create paintings and drawings that range in subject matter, using realism to communicate and explore ideas. Some of the work is slightly surreal and thought proving. Other work is a response to our modern existence. All of it shows life in either a positive or poetically contemplative light.

PS: What is your work and study background?

DV: I started making money as an artist at a young age but really started working professionally as an illustrator when I was in my late teens while attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Shortly after that, my interest in painting led me to fine art portraiture and to showing in galleries.

Blossom (44x58) oil on canvasPS: From where do you draw inspiration for your art?

DV: I try to be as open to inspiration from as many sources as possible. I see life as an unending stream of awe and find that if I allow time to reflect, I’m usually presented with something unique to explore creatively.

PS: Do you have a favorite work of art you’ve produced?

DV: When I first started drawing, my focus was in trying to improve technically. This meant that I was always most excited about the newest work in front of me. My definition of technical proficiency has broadened since then, but I’m still most excited by what lies ahead.

For most of my life, regardless of circumstance, I have also produced a steady stream of drawings of the people who were closest to me personally. These drawings are some of my most cherished memories of love, loss, spiritual connection and the threads of my reason to live.

Dorian VallejoPS: What memorable responses have you had to your work?

DV: Like most artists, I have had positive and negative responses. The latter is often a little more challenging but I’ve found an honesty in criticism, which has been the greatest source of growth.

You can find more examples of Dorian’s work on his web site at The artist regularly posts works in progress, sketches and drawings on his social media platforms.  His Facebook page can be found at and you can follow him on Instagram at  @dorian_vallejo_art.




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