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The Midnight Movie Cowboys Present: “Kings of Sleaze”

This week, the gang presents the longest and raunchiest podcast in the history of the Midnight Movie Cowboys. Over four hours, they’ll introduce you to the 70s rock group The Mentors, interview the woman who made an extensive documentary about their history and music, and talk to one of the founding members. I know four hours seems like a lot — because it is! — but they’ve cut the show into three neat segments. The first deals with the upcoming documentary on the group, the second is the interview with April Jones, and the third is, well, it involves a man named Dr. Heathen Scum. The show is NSFW, so don’t break it out at work, around your minister, any children, or your grandma (unless of course, your grandma was into the sleaze rock scene of the 70s!). Seriously. Buckle up and listen in!

Check out the Midnight Movie Cowboys web site and subscribe to their iTunes feed today!

Jimmie Bise Jr

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