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The Midnight Movie Cowboys Present: “Rock Month with Megadeth!”

Normally, this is the place where the gang would drop their podcast about an obscure but interesting movie and we’d promote the heck out of that movie-based podcast. You’d listen to them talk about the movie and maybe some other movies and maybe seek out that movie based on their recommendation — or not, if the movie wasn’t all that delightful — and we’ve have a grand time.

But that’s not going to happen this month. You see, this month is special because it is ROCK MONTH!

(insert screaming guitar solo here)

That’s right. ROCK MONTH!

(more wailing guitars and maybe some pyrotechnics)

This month, the gang will focus on their favorite bands that rock (power chord), starting with one of the 80’s most influential groups, and a favorite of at least one of the MMCs — Megadeth. What is it about Dave Mustaine’s creation that gets the gang cranked up? Get ready to throw all the devil horns and listen in!

Check out the Midnight Movie Cowboys web page and subscribe to their iTunes feed!

Jimmie Bise Jr

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