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Ms. Stacia’s Cocktail Superbowl – Two Delicious Drinks Head to Head

Phantom Sway’s party maven and food blogger takes on the Superbowl of cocktails, just in time for your party

*Miss Stacia of “Soiree by Stacia” referees the Cocktail Superbowl in a thrilling head-to-head match just in time for your Superbowl parties today. Which drink will take the trophy? Check out the recipes and vote in our poll. If you make them drop a comment on the Phantom Sway Facebook page and tell Miss Stacia which drink won. 

*New “Soiree by Stacia” episodes premiering Summer 2017

The Big Game is here and something you may be surprised to learn is that we here at Soirée love our football.  The only thing better than a good on field matchup is a satisfying and refreshing cocktail to keep you company while you cheer on your team.  For today’s game day cocktail head to head I’ve chosen two tequila-based drinks- The Eau de Lavender  and the Ginger Smash 

Now I’m not a big tequila drinker by nature ( margaritas aside), but these are two well balanced, delicious – yet very different- drinks.  There’s no loser in this lineup. Let’s kickoff!

First we have the Eau de Lavender.

1 1/2 ozs Tequila
3/4 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz Honey syrup
1 egg white
Lavender bitters

(Dry shake all ingredients vigorously, add ice, shake again, strain and garnish with a lemon peel)

Now you might be saying, “this drink is way too girly”.  You’d be wrong.  The honey syrup and lemon play beautifully with the tequila.  Sort of a Bee’s Knees with tequila.  And find the lavender bitters, it really makes the drink (hello Amazon!).  You’ll be using an egg white. Yes, a raw egg white.  Using the chemical substitute is a snap infraction.  There’s no fear in cocktails or football.  Dry shake that baby, toss a few ice cubes in, shake her up again, and watch her score.

Next up is the Ginger Smash.
1 1/2 ozs tequila
1 oz lime juice
3/4 oz honey syrup
2 slices fresh ginger
1/4 fresh clementine
Dash bitters

(Muddle the clementine, ginger, and honey syrup, add ice and remaining ingredients to shaker.  Shake and strain over ice, garnish with lime slice)

I didn’t care for the playbook here, so I called an audible.  Subbed in a clementine quarter (rind and all) for the kumquats in the original recipe (I didn’t have any, though they’d be good here), and benched the shrub completely.  The ginger gave plenty of bite without it.  Amp up the lime juice and add honey for sweetness.  Sweet, sour, spicy from the fresh ginger…this one puts it through the uprights for a last second game winning field goal.

Two winners, both good for daytime imbibing.  Because not everyone wants beer.
Now grab your giant foam finger, get that queso dip going, and get your game on, Soirée style!

Which cocktail wins the biggest contest of the year?

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