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Phantom Sway Presents: Wigs – The Lineup (ep.102)

Virginia holds a BBQ and introduces the group to Karl – not an actor…a REenactor

Wigs, Episode 102 – The Lineup

Meet Karl. He’s…unforgettable.


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]IGS is a comedy web series mockumentary that follows young Isaac as his desperation for a paycheck leads him to join a motley crew of historical reenactors. Creator/director Matt Edwards produces a fun, clever twist on a familiar genre, bringing us characters that are both ridiculous and endearing. Click here to see Episode 101 – The Streets.  Episode 103 airs November 19 right here at Phantom Sway.


Kira Allen

When Kira isn’t scaling the peaks of some of the toughest mountains in the world or exploring the Amazon rainforests she spends her time as a foster mom for her local animal shelter. Kira has volunteered for “Doctors without Borders” even though she isn’t even a doctor or a nurse. Her mantra is “More speed, more height, more life…”
Just kidding….Kira is a writer, actor and suburban housewife and mother. Her mantra is “If I can’t do it from the couch, is it really worth it?”

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