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#Phantom48 Film Contest Winners Will Be Presented At Telluride Horror Show This October

Film maker Anthony Ngo will have his short film ‘Orenda’ screened at the Telluride Horror Show festival this October

The Winner of the First Phantom Sway 48 Hour Film Contest Is Announced

Los Angeles, California-September 12, 2016-

Phantom Sway would like to express their hella-mad respect for all of the gonzo filmmakers who jumped into an insane project with both feet.

Creating a short film in such a short time is no easy feat. The creativity and originality submitted this season were truly impressive. Unfortunately, only one team can win and be featured at the Telluride Horror Show.

This year that honor goes to

“Orenda” from Anthony Ngo and the crew at Caliper Productions and

Angotango Entertainment. “Orenda” is the story of a babysitter who makes the frightening discovery that her latest job is anything but typical.

Please join Phantom Sway in congratulating Anthony and his team, and don’t forget to follow them on social media to keep up with the Telluride Horror Show and the exclusive #Phantom48 screening.


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