Phantom Sway

In ‘RAKKA’ from Oats Studios a Desperate Humanity Squares Off Against a Horrific Alien Invasion

This ain’t no Independence Day, but there is at least one veteran alien fighter you’ll recognize. 

Oats Studios is a little cagey about what they’re up to. Their YouTube channel “about” section only says that they are “Creators of Experimental Content.” That experimental content (so far) seems to fall within the science fiction genre and consists of short films. The studio looks like they are an independent operation with everything under one roof.  Their content is being marketed through Steam. I don’t know what their business model is. What content they’ve released is free on YouTube but that might be just to get you hooked so you buy subsequent episodes.

Up until this week they only had a couple of trailers published online but Volume 1 of Oats’ first film Rakka is pretty intriguing. Elements of this alien invasion drama look a lot like a reboot of Independence Day or TNT’s Falling Skies but this is much darker. The aliens are pure evil—like bipedal crocodiles with mind control powers and Josef Mengele’s penchant for experimenting on humans against the backdrop of genocide.

The visual effects are impressive and make the alien technology look sufficiently alien, evil and creepy. And there is at least one veteran alien fighter you’ll recognize.

James Lanka

Science fiction nerd, writer, blogger, music lover, artist, native of the east coast.

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