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Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood is Still Makin’ the Babies

In the future the entire human population will descend from an immortal line of rock gods

When the world’s superpowers eventually bring on nuclear winter and eradicate most of life on earth humanity need not worry. We will survive because the members of the Rolling Stones will still be alive and procreating.

Guitarist Ronnie Wood continues to do his part to ensure the human race sticks around. Ronnie-Wood-L-and-Sally-WoodWood, 68 and his wife Sally Humphreys, 38 welcomed twin girls on Monday. The two married in 2012. Gracie Jane and Alice Rose are Wood’s fifth and sixth children. The musician turns 69 on Wednesday.

Mazel Tov to the happy couple!

At least we know the post-apocalyptic future will rock.

Phantom Sway

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