Phantom Sway

Have you seen the extended trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence?


After 20 years humanity discovers that even after Jeff Goldblum AppleTalked a crippling virus into their mother ship’s computer, the aliens managed to get off a distress call. Reinforcements are on the way, which means more Roland Emmerich/Dean Devlin CGI destructo-porn. Pass the popcorn.


Phantom Sway

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Harriet Tubman is one of America’s most beloved historical figures but has sadly been largely relegated to just a few facts during Black History Month. This incredible ex-slave, spy, cook, nurse, public speaker and rescuer deserves a story worthy of her stature.

“Minty” – tentatively titled after Tubman’s nickname – is a “reimagining” of Harriet Tubman as an action hero. It is a period piece with a modern flare.