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Taylor Swift May Actually Be a Satanic Priestess Clone

Is Tay-Tay really a tool of the Devil?

Taylor Swift has gone from American Sweetheart to demon child, but now it turns out it Tay-Tay might actually be a legitimate demon child.

The Mirror (UK) is reporting an uncanny resemblance between the breakup-song queen and a servant of Beelzebub.

The internet has apparently discovered Taylor Swift ‘s twin and she’s got strong links to Satan.

Comparisons between the award-winning singer and Zeena LaVey have recirculated once again after people on Twitter believe that Taylor is related to the former high priestess.

Zeena is the daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, and was the high priestess of the church between 1985 and 1990 according to Buzzfeed.

The similarities in appearance between the pair are uncanny and it’s led some to make some bizarre [stories] about Taylor being a ‘clone’ of Zeena, who the Illuminati replaced the singer with because she’s a member of the secret cult.


This explains so much. We’re all well aware of Taylor’s “feud” with Kanye West, who is close friends and business partners with Beyoncé and JayZ who are definitely, for sure, 100% Illuminati. The Kanye-Taylor weirdness is all just an elaborate ruse to keep their names in the headlines so they can continue brainwashing the global population with shitty girl anthems and depressing fashion lines.

And surely Satan can be the only one to blame for the HiddleSwift So In Love Tour of Terror.

Here’s some video of Taylor Zeena in 1985 making the case for Satanism, which isn’t half as entertaining as the whacko devil douches in the comments section.

Is Taylor Swift a Tool of the Devil?

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